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Los Angeles Angels 2010 Schedule

Posted by: Dave on Wednesday/March 10/2010 - 12:33 PM
The Angels have released their 2010 regular season schedule along with the TV schedule as well:

Date Opponent Time (PT) TV Radio
Note: Spring training games are listed below in green.
Wednesday, March 10 vs Reds 12:05 PM FS-W
Thursday, March 11 @ D-backs 12:05 PM
Friday, March 12 @ Indians 12:05 PM MLBN
vs White Sox 12:05 PM
Saturday, March 13 @ Royals 12:05 PM KLAA 830,
Sunday, March 14 vs Cubs 1:05 PM KLAA 830,
Monday, March 15 vs Dodgers 1:05 PM FS-W
Tuesday, March 16 @ Padres 1:05 PM
Wednesday, March 17 vs D-backs 1:05 PM FS-W
Friday, March 19 @ Brewers 1:05 PM
Saturday, March 20 @ Rockies 1:10 PM KLAA 830,
Sunday, March 21 vs Mariners 1:05 PM KLAA 830,
Monday, March 22 @ Dodgers 1:05 PM
Tuesday, March 23 @ Mariners 1:05 PM
Wednesday, March 24 vs Royals 1:05 PM FS-W
Thursday, March 25 vs Rangers 1:05 PM FS-W, MLBN
Friday, March 26 @ Giants 1:05 PM
Saturday, March 27 vs Giants 1:05 PM FS-W, MLBN KLAA 830,
Sunday, March 28 vs Indians 1:05 PM FS-W, MLBN KLAA 830,
Monday, March 29 vs Royals 1:05 PM
@ White Sox 7:05 PM
Tuesday, March 30 vs Brewers 1:05 PM FS-W
Wednesday, March 31 @ Cubs 1:05 PM
Thursday, April 1 vs Indians 12:05 PM
vs Padres 7:05 PM PRIME
Friday, April 2 vs Dodgers 7:05 PM KCOP KLAA 830,
Saturday, April 3 @ Dodgers 1:10 PM MLBN, KLAA 830
Monday, April 5 vs Twins 7:05 PM FS-W, ESPN2
Tuesday, April 6 vs Twins 7:05 PM FS-W
Wednesday, April 7 vs Twins 7:05 PM FS-W
Thursday, April 8 vs Twins 7:05 PM KCOP
Friday, April 9 vs Athletics 7:05 PM FS-W
Saturday, April 10 vs Athletics 6:05 PM FS-W
Sunday, April 11 vs Athletics 12:35 PM KCOP
Tuesday, April 13 @ Yankees 10:05 AM FS-W
Wednesday, April 14 @ Yankees 10:05 AM FS-W
Thursday, April 15 @ Yankees 4:05 PM FS-W
Friday, April 16 @ Blue Jays 4:07 PM FS-W
Saturday, April 17 @ Blue Jays 10:07 AM FS-W
Sunday, April 18 @ Blue Jays 10:07 AM KCOP
Monday, April 19 vs Tigers 7:05 PM FS-W
Tuesday, April 20 vs Tigers 7:05 PM FS-W
Wednesday, April 21 vs Tigers 7:05 PM FS-W
Thursday, April 22 vs Tigers 7:05 PM FS-W
Friday, April 23 vs Yankees 7:05 PM FS-W
Saturday, April 24 vs Yankees 1:10 PM FOX
Sunday, April 25 vs Yankees 12:35 PM KCOP
Monday, April 26 vs Indians 7:05 PM FS-W
Tuesday, April 27 vs Indians 7:05 PM FS-W
Wednesday, April 28 vs Indians 4:05 PM FS-W
Friday, April 30 @ Tigers 4:05 PM FS-W
Saturday, May 1 @ Tigers 10:05 AM FS-W
Sunday, May 2 @ Tigers 10:05 AM FS-W
Monday, May 3 @ Red Sox 4:10 PM FS-W, ESPN
Tuesday, May 4 @ Red Sox 4:10 PM FS-W
Wednesday, May 5 @ Red Sox 4:10 PM FS-W
Thursday, May 6 @ Red Sox 4:10 PM FS-W
Friday, May 7 @ Mariners 7:10 PM FS-W
Saturday, May 8 @ Mariners 6:10 PM FS-W
Sunday, May 9 @ Mariners 1:10 PM KCOP
Monday, May 10 vs Rays 7:05 PM FS-W
Tuesday, May 11 vs Rays 7:05 PM FS-W
Wednesday, May 12 vs Rays 4:05 PM FS-W
Friday, May 14 vs Athletics 7:05 PM FS-W
Saturday, May 15 vs Athletics 6:05 PM FS-W
Sunday, May 16 vs Athletics 12:35 PM KCOP
Monday, May 17 @ Rangers 5:05 PM FS-W
Tuesday, May 18 @ Rangers 5:05 PM FS-W
Wednesday, May 19 @ White Sox 5:10 PM FS-W
Thursday, May 20 @ White Sox 5:10 PM FS-W
Friday, May 21 @ Cardinals 5:15 PM FS-W
Saturday, May 22 @ Cardinals 11:15 AM FS-W
Sunday, May 23 @ Cardinals 11:15 AM KCOP
Monday, May 24 vs Blue Jays 7:05 PM FS-W
Tuesday, May 25 vs Blue Jays 7:05 PM FS-W
Wednesday, May 26 vs Blue Jays 4:05 PM FS-W
Friday, May 28 vs Mariners 7:05 PM FS-W
Saturday, May 29 vs Mariners TBD FOX
Sunday, May 30 vs Mariners 12:35 PM KCOP
Monday, May 31 @ Royals 11:10 AM FS-W
Tuesday, June 1 @ Royals 5:10 PM FS-W
Wednesday, June 2 @ Royals 5:10 PM FS-W
Thursday, June 3 @ Royals 11:10 AM FS-W
Friday, June 4 @ Mariners 7:10 PM FS-W
Saturday, June 5 @ Mariners 1:10 PM FOX
Sunday, June 6 @ Mariners 1:10 PM FS-W
Monday, June 7 @ Athletics 7:05 PM FS-W
Tuesday, June 8 @ Athletics 7:05 PM FS-W
Wednesday, June 9 @ Athletics 7:05 PM FS-W
Thursday, June 10 @ Athletics 12:35 PM FS-W
Friday, June 11 @ Dodgers 7:10 PM KCOP
Saturday, June 12 @ Dodgers 7:10 PM KCOP
Sunday, June 13 @ Dodgers TBD KCOP
Monday, June 14 vs Brewers 7:05 PM FS-W
Tuesday, June 15 vs Brewers 7:05 PM FS-W
Wednesday, June 16 vs Brewers 4:05 PM FS-W
Friday, June 18 @ Cubs 11:20 AM FS-W
Saturday, June 19 @ Cubs 10:05 AM FS-W
Sunday, June 20 @ Cubs TBD
Tuesday, June 22 vs Dodgers 7:05 PM FS-W
Wednesday, June 23 vs Dodgers 7:05 PM KCOP
Thursday, June 24 vs Dodgers 7:05 PM KCOP
Friday, June 25 vs Rockies 7:05 PM FS-W
Saturday, June 26 vs Rockies 7:05 PM FS-W
Sunday, June 27 vs Rockies 12:35 PM FS-W
Tuesday, June 29 vs Rangers 7:05 PM FS-W
Wednesday, June 30 vs Rangers 7:05 PM FS-W
Thursday, July 1 vs Rangers 7:05 PM FS-W
Friday, July 2 vs Royals 7:05 PM FS-W
Saturday, July 3 vs Royals 6:05 PM KCOP
Sunday, July 4 vs Royals 5:15 PM ESPN
Monday, July 5 @ White Sox 4:05 PM FS-W
Tuesday, July 6 @ White Sox 5:10 PM FS-W
Wednesday, July 7 @ White Sox 5:10 PM FS-W
Thursday, July 8 @ White Sox 11:05 AM FS-W
Friday, July 9 @ Athletics 7:05 PM FS-W
Saturday, July 10 @ Athletics 6:05 PM FS-W
Sunday, July 11 @ Athletics 1:05 PM KCOP
Thursday, July 15 vs Mariners 7:05 PM FS-W
Friday, July 16 vs Mariners 7:05 PM FS-W
Saturday, July 17 vs Mariners 6:05 PM FS-W
Sunday, July 18 vs Mariners 12:35 PM KCOP
Tuesday, July 20 @ Yankees 4:05 PM FS-W
Wednesday, July 21 @ Yankees 10:05 AM FS-W
Thursday, July 22 @ Rangers 5:05 PM FS-W
Friday, July 23 @ Rangers 5:05 PM FS-W
Saturday, July 24 @ Rangers 5:05 PM FS-W

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Thank you for your services, Vlad!

Posted by: JustAnotherHaloVicto on Tuesday/January 12/2010 - 12:06 AM
The Texas Rangers have agreed to terms with Vladimir Guerrero on a one-year deal with a mutual option for a second year, according to sources.

Guerrero is guaranteed $6 million in the deal, which is pending a physical. It includes $5 million plus performance incentives for 2010 and a $1 million buyout if the Rangers don't pick up the option, a source said.

Guerrero fills the Rangers' need for a right-handed bat in the middle of the lineup and will likely be the club's designated hitter.

Guerrero, who turns 35 in February, played in 100 games for the Los Angeles Angels in 2009, most of them at DH. He hit .295, his lowest average for any full season in the majors, but also added 15 homers and 50 RBIs. He also had a .334 on-base percentage, well below his career numbers.

The aging slugger is a .394 career hitter at Rangers Ballpark, with 14 homers and 33 RBIs in 50 games.

The Angels showed little interest this offseason in retaining Guerrero, who had two stints on the disabled list in 2009 and turns 35 in February. Los Angeles signed free-agent slugger Hideki Matsui and kept Bobby Abreu with a $19 million, two-year contract, leaving no room for Guerrero in the lineup.

Texas finished second in the West last year, 10 games behind Los Angeles.

Guerrero, who spent six seasons with the Angels, is a career .321 hitter with 407 homers and 1,318 RBIs over 14 years in the majors.

In the first 44 games of his career against the Rangers (2004-06), Guerrero had one of baseball's most peculiar streaks. He had a 44-game hitting streak, the longest stretch by any player against one team since at least 1957.

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Angels announcer Markas passes away

Posted by: JustAnotherHaloVicto on Wednesday/January 06/2010 - 01:18 AM
Reports are coming in that Rory Markas, one of the Angels announcers, has died of a possible heart attack. UPDATE: Late Tuesday morning, still no cause of death determined, reports the AP.

Ruben Villaescusa, an assignment editor at Fox 11, writes that paramedics were called to Markas’ house late last night, where he was found dead.

Markas — who punctuated every win with “Just another Halo Victory!” — had worked for the Angels since 2002, often paired with Terry Smith or Mark Gubicza. It was Markas who, in 2002, called the final out of the World Series. “Fly ball, center field! Erstad says he’s got it!! Erstad makes the catch! The Anaheim Angels are the champions of baseball!”

“He was destined to make that call,” said Angels spokesman Tim Mead on KNX 1070. “If we were down 10-1 or up 10-1, he’d make the game entertaining.”

He also called USC college basketball game, Clippers games, minor league baseball and roller derby contests during his career.

Markas had dealt with health problems — he suffered a blood clot in his brain in November 2008.

Michael Lev wrote for the Register at the time: “He had done a live shot in Lancaster for Fox/11’s 10 o’clock news when he developed a splitting headache. ’A day and a half later, I had brain surgery,’ he said.”

The LA Times‘ Diane Pucin wrote about his comeback in December 2008: ”I’ve been told your brain is your computer,” Markas said. “My computer crashed, and I have to give it a little time to reboot.”

“When I got that phone call last night, it … just didn’t resonate as something that could happen right now,” said Mead. “Rory was the glass-is-half-full, always the optimist. Rory took a great deal of satisfaction and pleasure in making other poeple happy, not just doing his job but truly making other people happy.”

Markas, who lived in Palmdale, is survived by two brothers and his mother.

From commenter Mike H.:

“A couple of years ago I was listening to an after-the-Angels-game broadcast where callers are invited to call the radio station. Rory was hosting that night and a man called in and complimented Rory on how well he called the Angels game that night as well as many others. The man said he could “see” the game and the plays in his mind because Rory was so vivid with his descriptions. It turned out that the caller was blind.

“Many times I would listen to Rory’s broadcasts with my eyes closed, and the caller was right….you could “see” the game by just his words. No radio broadcaster has ever done that for me.”

Former Angels color commentator Rex Hudler told Randy Youngman, “I’m very saddened to hear about the loss of our partner, Rory. He was a good friend and will be missed.”

They’re also mourning at USC: “It didn’t take me long to realize that Rory was a top-notch announcer and great guy. It’s so sad. He had so many games still in him,” said basketball coach Kevin O’Neill.

From Markas’ bio on the Angels Web site:

Prior to joining the Angels, Markas handled the play-by-play duties for the USC baseball team on the Trojan Radio Network, as well as a pre-game reporter of Trojan football. During that time, Markas was also a sports reporter on KNX Newsradio 1070 in Los Angeles and a sports anchor on FOX 11 KTTV. From 1994-97, he was the lead announcer for the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers on the Clippers radio network.

Markas has extensive baseball broadcasting experience as he has worked as a play-by-play announcer for the Milwaukee Brewers television network (1992-94) and as a substitute radio play-by-play announcer with the Brewers radio network from 1984-1994. He spent six seasons (1981-87) calling Pacific Coast League baseball, including three years with the Salt Lake City Gulls and three years with the Vancouver Canadians.

Markas’ career has included stints as an on-air sports talent on KCBS 2 (1990-97) and Prime Ticket (1987-90). He has been honored with several broadcasting awards, including four Golden Mike Awards for radio reporting and two Associated Press Sportscasting Awards. He also received the 2008 Radio Play-by-Play Award from the Southern California Sports Broadcasters Association.

A native of San Fernando Valley, Markas attended Chatsworth High School and played baseball. He attended Los Angeles Valley College and Cal State Northridge. He is single and lives in Palmdale, California.

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Matsui agrees to deal with the Angels

Posted by: JustAnotherHaloVicto on Wednesday/December 16/2009 - 01:48 PM
Godzilla is coming to Anaheim.

Hideki Matsui - the 2009 World Series MVP - is the newest Angel, agreeing to a one-year deal worth $6.5 million.

Last season, Matsui batted .274 with 28 home runs and 90 RBIs in 142 games.

Matsui’s 2010 salary will be half of what he was making with the Yankees.

The team issued a news release on Wednesday morning, which stated that the 2009 World Series Most Valuable Player is the newest member of the Angels, essentially taking over the designated-hitter spot and ending Vladimir Guerrero's six-year stint in Anaheim.

"We are excited to have a player with talent that Hideki brings," Angels general manager Tony Reagins said in a statement. "He is a professional hitter, and we look forward to seeing him in an Angels uniform in 2010."

The Angels will unveil Matsui during a 2 p.m. PT press conference at Angel Stadium on Wednesday

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Lackey signs with Red Sox

Posted by: JustAnotherHaloVicto on Wednesday/December 16/2009 - 01:39 PM
The Boston Red Sox have signed right-handed pitcher John Lackey.

Lackey had to pass a physical before the deal became official. The team scheduled a 1:30 p.m. ET press conference to announce the signing.

The agreement was first reported by's Jayson Stark.

The deal is worth $82.5 million over five years, sources told ESPN The Magazine's Buster Olney on Tuesday.

Lackey traveled to Boston for a physical exam Monday, fueling speculation that an agreement was close at hand.

The Red Sox's heightened pursuit of Lackey came after reports that Boston is fading in its efforts to retain free-agent outfielder Jason Bay.

Lackey, 31, is 102-71 with a 3.81 ERA in eight seasons with the Angels, and he joins Josh Beckett and Jon Lester at the top of a powerhouse rotation in Boston.

The Mariners, Angels and Mets were among the other teams interested in signing Lackey.

There were reports that Lackey declined a $72 million offer earlier this year from the Angels, but his representatives have since characterized those reports as untrue.

Lackey shut out the Red Sox through 7 1/3 innings in Game 1 of the AL Division Series and nearly no-hit Boston in 2008, but in nine career regular-season starts at Fenway Park, he is 2-5 with a 5.75 ERA.

Lackey, who's spent his first eight seasons with the Angels, was signed to a five-year deal.

"It's always tough to make a change like this, but I'm really excited by it," Lackey said. "The Angels are all I've ever known."

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